Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Last day at Lancaster PA

 Yesterday we went into Adamstown to go antique shopping. It is advertised the antique capitol of the world.  There were lots and lots of antique shops and they had some very unique items that we had not seen before.

On the way back to our campsite, we routed ourselves back through Intercourse and Bird in Hand to do some quilt shopping.  I know that shocks most of you!!!  I found some 30's fabric and a book that I had not ever seen before.  My quilters will be thrilled to see it when I return.  We also went to a kitchen gadget shop that turned out to be the shop of the lady who writes the cookbooks for crockpot cooking called "Fix it and Forget it."  Her books have been on the best sellers list for years.

Today we headed out for Hershey to go to the AACA Museum (Antique Automobile Collectors Association).  There were many beautiful antique cars all of which were donated, or on loan, to the museum.  The special exhibit during this time was many of the old Indianapolis 500 pace cars. 

 This is a 1941 Crosley.  In college Van's
father was insulted by an English Professor
and he drug the Professor's Crosley up two
flights of stairs and left it by the Professor's room.

This car is a 1937 Fiat which I absolutely
fell in love with.  Hence....the picture.

I am not sure what this is but it is an unrestored
barn find which Van thought was really neat.

 This is  not a very good picture but it is a 1939
Ford Sedan.  Van's dad bought one very similar
to this from a police auction.  It had been a moon shiner's car and still had the bullet holes in the back from the police capturing it.  Van was embarassed when his dad would take him to school in this car.

This is a 1960 stainless steel Thunderbird.  It is one of only two made and obviously has no paint, just a shiny stainless steel surface.

 These two pictures are a cutaway of the engine for the car, which is a 1925 Stearns-Knight.  Van had never heard of it and thought it was neat.
 This is an incredibly beautiful Pierce Arrow used during the roaring 20's to take Marlene Dietrich to and from the movie studio.
 This is a 1957 Cushman Eagle motor scooter very similar to the 1959 model that Van's dad had.
Believe it or not, this is the REO Speed Wagon which the band is named after.

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cathiescottcampbell said...

Hope you guys are having a great time.. Be careful Joy and keep at least one eye on Van or he will have one of those cars attached to the back of the motorhome. Be careful and have fun. Cathie