Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Cape Ann, Massachusetts

Hello again everyone,
It is Tuesday, September 6th and we arrived noonish at Cape Ann, Massachusetts in  the only campground near this area which, fortunately, is very nice.

Yesterday, we didn't end up coming this way by car because Monet had decided that she liked being a dog and apparently ate one stick too many around the campfire.  She started about 5:00 am on Monday having diarrhea every 2 hours, so we decided that it would be a down day for us and we loaded  her up with Pepto-Bismol.   It almost felt like having children again.  I slept on the couch so I would hear her crying at the door!!  She hasn't pooped today at all!  (I think she's afraid she'll have to drink more Pepto!) 

Apparently, Cape Ann consists of 4 unique communities:  Gloucester, Rockport, Essex and Manchester-by-the-Sea.

This afternoon we decided to take a car ride up and around Gloucester and Rockport.  What a great afternoon. 

Bear Skin Neck is the cutest harbor town with little shops I think there could be.  It really only had touristy little shops but the whole setup with darling. 

This building is called "Motif No.1" and is the most frequently painted and photographed object in this area.

Isn't this picture just beautiful with all the different colored buildings in the background?
All the harbors along this drive were just like this......striking!

This is called "Granite Pier" and we were able to drive down on it to the tip of it. Apparently, this area was/is full of granite.  This looks like people mainly use it for fishing off of now. 


We have decided that this is where we want to live.  Either house would be JUST fine. Both of these  overlook the ocean.

We have been pleasantly surprised so far with this area.  These areas have been harbor towns but to us, with a twist.  The houses that are mixed within the different areas make it feel rural and quaint.

It has started raining here tonight and we haven't checked the weather forecast out for this area yet, but, no matter, we plan to head to Salem tomorrow.

Miss and love all

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Anonymous said...

Hi Guys,

You've been in "family settings" of the Chiassons for several days. As I said in the post that didn't get posted, my brother Ralph lived in Kennebunkport for many years, and Peter and Mary Lou lived in Manchester By the Sea for many years (that's a 'high end' town.) Ipswhich and Essex catch awesome clams for frying, they are imported from Essex to the small restaurant we go to here in Florida to get our fried clam fix. How did Van like them???? You are in a beautiful part of Massachusetts; are you going to Cape Cod? Talk to you soon,