Saturday, September 10, 2011

Plymouth, Massachuetts

We arrived yesterday to the KOA in Middleboro.  It is a very nice campground but didn't have  cable.  As you all know, Van is a Georgia football fanatic, no matter if they are winning or losing, so what we ended up doing was scout out another campground in Plymouth and decided to move there.  It is a huge campground but it looks like there are a tremendous amount of people who either live here or are here seasonal.  We were lucky enough to get a spot towards the back of the campground that was pretty secluded, so it's quiet.  What was so great about the move was that the cost of this campground was half of what the KOA was.  I told Van that "I had saved him some more money!!"

 We decided that since we had to be back to the motorhome by 4:00 (for the game) that we would go see the Plymouth sights, which was only 5 miles away.   It is a relatively small town but has been fixed up with shops and restaurants down the main street and then the waterfront street  is where Plymouth Rock and the replica Mayflower II are.  The remainder of the historical sites are scattered
within a few blocks of the main strip.

We were so surprised at how SMALL the rock was.  It apparently, at one point, was moved to the town after the Revolution as a show of strength.

 This is the replica of the Mayflower.  Just a gorgeous boat.  It is hard to imagine how the pilgrims were able to make the voyage in such a small ship and carry sufficient food and drink for the trip.  We also read that the first church was "gathered" in England and reconstructed here and possibly brought as well on the Mayflower.

This is the courthouse in Plymouth which is touted as "the oldest courthouse in America."  After a new courthouse was built, this building was used as a City Administration Building.  It has been refurbished as it once was.  The second floor has been turned into a court room with great effort to make it like it was originally.  It is now a Museum and the representative in the Museum told Van that they have certified at least 3 cases that were handled in this courthouse by a young lawyer by the name of John Adams, later to become the second President of the United States.

This street is the oldest street in the United States having been made by the pilgrims as the first street of their settlement.  There is a reproduction of the Village that shows what the street looked like in the day. The sign is bent and we wondered if someone had attempted to steal it for obvious reasons.

We saw this sign on the side of a building on the main street.


We'll be in this area for 8 more days.  Will be going to Cape Cod, New Bedford, Boston and surrounding areas. 

We plan to be home by the end of the month.  We are missing you guys.

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