Friday, August 5, 2011

Beautiful day in Hyde Park NY

 Today we went to the Hyde Park area to see Franklin D Roosevelt's childhood home.  After his mother died it became his and Eleanor's home.  This was one of 3 homes located on the family land.  The information provided by our guide was very interesting.  This once 1500 acres is located on the Hudson River.  I am here to tell you that this area is beautiful.  We also went to see the Vanderbilt home.  Wow is all I can say to this home. 

We went to a local brewery for lunch and then meandered over to New Paltz to see the historical Huguenot Street homes that were settled in 1678 by a small group of french protestant refugee families.  Their descendents lived in the houses well into the 20th century.

Along the way, I found a house that I would absolutely love to live in.  Van informed me that we could not afford it but I can dream anyway.  I took a picture and, who knows, maybe one day I'll get lucky enough!!  It is located on some beautiful property.

We are off to New York City tomorrow.  Wish us luck. 

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Anonymous said...

We love that area of New York, too. I was there for 39 years and Maureen for 27 years. Cute house; I'm pretty sure Van could swing the mortgage payments. If you go out to dinner one more night in New Paltz, be sure to drop into the Guilded Otter, a micro-brewery. Maureen and I met there after work on many a Friday.