Thursday, August 4, 2011

Getting ready to see New York

We left Clarksboro NJ this morning and wanted to stay in Jersey City NJ because it is so close to New York City but they were full.  We found a KOA in Plattekill NY which is about 70 miles north of NYC.  The drive here was absolutely beautiful.  When we went through Princeton NJ (I think that's the name) there were gorgeous houses and scenery there.  I think I could live in that area it was so striking.  Then as we crossed into NY heading towards this KOA it was just as nice.  This campground is a top notch set up.  They even have a doggie service and a dog park. 

They have a bus tour that goes into New York on Saturday and we are planning to take it.  It hits the primary locations.  We would like to see more but will settle for that.  We were thinking of going into New York tomorrow but then came across Ron and Maureen's notes on our "Tour 10," which is coming up next, and realized that this campground is right near what he was referencing.

As we mapped out his notes, we realized we will be going through their hometown of New Paltz.  Ron, just so you two will know, tomorrow we will go to Poughkeepsie, Hyde Park, New Paltz and back here to Plattekille.  I did not realize until we were mapping these areas that New Paltz was your hometown.  Van said "Ron said that this is where they are from."  I said "what!  You've got to be kidding me.  We are that close?"  So if you guys read this by mid-day Friday, call us and make sure we don't miss anything iimportant.  By the way, you wanna meet for lunch? (ha)

We'll try to take pictures tomorrow and get them posted so everyone can see how pretty this area is.  The snow must be pretty bad for anyone to want to leave this area.

Talk to everyone tomorrow.

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