Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A rainy day in Philadelphia PA

We left Lancaster PA this morning arriving in Clarksboro NJ to camp It is about 13 miles from Philadelphia. We got here around 11:30, ate lunch and decided to head out for Philly. We had originally planned to stay here for 2 full days and 3 nights so we thought we would try to tackle getting around using the train, etc would be good to do this afternoon.

We did a masterful job traveling on the rail system (ha)and getting into downtown Philly. We went straight to the Visitor's Center and decided to purchase the tour that gave a narrative of the city and also you get on and off at 21 different locations. The touring company used double decker busses and, of course, Van and I wanted to be on top so we could see. But, as luck would have it, it began to rain. We sat out in the pouring rain for a little bit but decided to go down below so we wouldn't get so soaked. But that wasn't going to happen. As it rained, water poured from the light fixtures and the ceiling joints. There wasn't a row that people were not getting drizzed on. How fun was that? Now just picture....the bus had the capacity to hold people on the upper deck and the lower deck. Now.....with the rain where do you think everyone gathered? You're right! Piled up against each other, blocking the views while the driver was explaining the sights, and we all are suffocating the whole time.

Philly was beautiful but not what we thought it would be. I think we were expecting to see old(er) looking buildings. The majority of Philly had been restored or was being restored.

On the way back to the campsite we decided that since we are pushed for time to see everything on this trip that we'd just head on to New York. We are hoping to get into a campground in Jersey City.

We talked to Tom and Nancy tonite and our trip is going wonderful compared to theirs We feel so bad for them. They have no a/c in the motorhome or car!!! On top of everything else, Tom mistakenly filled up his coach with gas instead of diesel. He had to get it towed and will have to have his tank drained. What a mess!

We miss everyone and hope all is well


Anonymous said...

That's a bit of bad luck in Philly; can't control the weather. Did you see any "busybodies" in the windows (that's something unique to Philly.)


Joyand Van said...

I am so glad you are following this. We can't get into Jersey City so found KOA in Walkill Ny. It's about 70 miles north. We are real excited about New York. We have all the notes you gave us so look out big city!!