Saturday, August 13, 2011

Lake Winnipesaukee NH

Hello everyone,

Today is Saturday, August 13th, and we are in Holderness, NH.  We are camping in Bethel Woods Campground which is in a wonderful location. 

Yesterday, my sweet, sweet husband took me to Center Harbor, which is where Keepsake Quilting is located!!!  That store is as wonderful as you would think it to be.  It is just full of fabric and patterns!! 

Today, we decided to take a drive around the Lake, which is roughly 100 miles or so.  Several of the towns around the lake were way to commercial for us, but there were several of the surrounding towns on the Lake that were great.  Beautiful homes and beautiful scenery.

We have been trying to picnic at lunch time every day if we are doing day trips out in the car.  Today, we found a beachside picnic table in Alton Bay.  We took our peanut butter and jelly and made good ole' sandwiches.  It was so nice to sit right beside the water and watch all the boats.

And, guess what!  Van let me go back to Keepsake Quilting today on the way back.  When we got home last night and I was matching some of these fat quarters to my hexagon flowers, I realized I would like to have a few more choices.  Let me say that between yesterday and today I think I have plenty of choices.  My spending money is about gone.

We are staying very close to Squam Lake, which is where On Golden Pond was filmed. 

We have been trying to be thrifty with our time in hopes of being able to go into Prince Edward Island.  We had not planned for sure to do this because of our limited time, but decided yesterday that we will go for a week or so.  We plan to drive it because of the cost of the ferry.  Our next stop after here will be Dixfield ME and then Bangor, ME.  After Bangor, we'll head to PEI.  Then comes the part of the trip we are really wanting and that is down the coast.  We'll hit Bar Harbor after PEI and then meander from there.

Hope all is well with everyone.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Guys,
Been missing your posts; thought you might be lost in the wilderness somewhere. Love Lake W. My brother Pete had a home on Merry Meeting Lake (about 3 miles from Alton Bay (on Lake W.) for many years. Maureen and I had many a summer vacation up there; beautiful country. If your travels take you near Portsmouth, that is a neat little city. Lots of little alleys with great restaurants. My other brother, Ralph, lived in Kennebunkport, ME. That's not far from where you are, you may pass it going further north. Also a destination little sea port town.

Still loving this trip of yours; you will now be going further north than where I have history. Look forward to the next post.

ps. All well here, very hot (95-96 most every day) but I love that heat, not a complaint. Severe winds last night blew our weeping tree down, broke it in half.