Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Bangor, Maine

We drove here to Bangor yesterday and we are staying at The Pumpkin Patch.  We have had several people mention this place and it is really nice.  It's even a Passport America park which means the nightly rate is great.

Late yesterday afternoon we went to the Cole Family Transportation Museum.  The gentlemen who started the museum has quite a story to tell and his focus on family, God, social responsibility, morals and patriotism is evidenced in this museum.  The admission price is very nominal and, because of his love for children, he doesn't charge for anyone 18 years old and younger.  We would highly recommend this museum to anyone who might be near this area.

It had memorials to WWII, Korean and Vietnam veterans.  There was even a tank and a huey cobra helicopter on the grounds.  It is appropriately called the "Transportation" museum.  In this one   building was everything from a Roman type chariot to a full size train and an 18 wheeler.  In between were evolutions of sleighs, tractors, snow plows, fire engines, hearses, motorcycles and even a very early camper.  We had the pleasure of meeting with, and talking to, Mr. Galin Cole, who started the museum.  I even had my picture taken with him. 

The family fortune was begun with Cole's Transportation Trucking Company, which Roadway Transportation ultimately purchased in the 70's.  This gentlemen served in WWII and was a Colonel when he got out of the military. 

We went and had appetizers at a local brewery on the waterfront called the "SeaDog."  Van didn't like their beer glasses so he purchased a tee shirt instead.

It rained all night last night and has continued through the day today.  We went to Walmart and stocked up on staple goods before heading out tomorrow.  We will be spending the night in a Walmart in St. John New Brunswick and then onto Prince Edward Island for a week.  We'll be staying in a KOA in Charlottetown.

One of Van's golfing buddies, and he doesn't remember which one, told him that the northern roads were awful and he was right.  Up to this point, we have done most of our traveling on back roads because of all the sight seeing we have been doing.  We are assuming the roads will begin to get better because we'll be on larger highways soon.

P.S.  I don't think I have mentioned my favorite thing about our motorhome.  It is still, of course, the washer and dryer.  It doesn't do large loads but it's such a breeze to do a load at night when you are just sitting around.  Van still claims his macerator (poop grinder) is the best.  I beg to differ!!!

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