Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Arrival to Prince Edward Island

Hi there,

It is Wednesday, August 17th and we were scheduled to stop in Saint John, New Brunswick, which was the halfway point from where we left to PEI, but my big guy caught a second wind and we have come all the way to Cornwall/Charlottetown on the island.

Most of you know that Van bought a Rand McNally navigator right before we left especially designed for motorhomes and trucks.  It has been a lifesaver until today.  For some unknown reason, about 30 miles outside PEI, it routed us on 955 East from a perfectly good highway onto this 10 foot wide (not   really) road.  The 16  miles on this took about 45 minutes!  But as I always say, God knows best.  It was the most beautiful ride you will ever see, it even surpasses the California coast.  I would not recommend driving on this road in a motorhome again but if you are in a, what a beautiful, breathtaking drive. 

We think we are going to love PEI.  It has a country feel but is going to have all the amenities scattered throughout the island.

We are at a KOA and tonite we are in a "shaded" spot but starting tomorrow we will move to an ocean view for 7 days.  Can life get any better than this?

The only way we'll be able to have contact with anyone (except family) will be through emails.  With the roaming charges, we have discovered that using the computer/wifi will have to be our communication method.

We really are so excited about this next week.  If any of you have input to help us not miss anything, please let us know.

Also, on a personal note, my heart is burdened with worries about momma and my brother, David.  Mom is having biopsies scheduled and David...well I don't know how he's making it through each day.  The diet they have him on to help him not to have to begin dialysis is cruel.  Pray that he will be able to stay on it and stay healthy until they figure out what to do about a kidney transplant.  

We love and miss all of you...really!

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