Friday, August 19, 2011

Prince Edward Island

Today is Friday, August 19th.  We moved yesterday from the temporary site to the one right on the water.  Beautiful is all I can say.

This is the view from the front of our motorhome.  Whatcha think?

Today we drove to the North Cape/Western portion of the island.  We stopped and ate lunch at a road side table.  It was a "hot" day for here today.  I think it reached 80 degrees, but that was only for about 2 hours.  I had my jacket on most of the day.  Monet was in heaven out in the open field.  We let her run loose and she ran all over the place.

Most of the houses had stacks and stacks of wood.  I think it must get cold here!! (ha)

It's hard to describe how beautiful this place is.  It has such a rural, relaxed and simple feeling.  No high-rises, no billboards and, really no junk.  The houses are spread out and there are crops being grown all along the ocean border on the island.  These windmills are scattered throughout the island and, believe it or not, add a sense of peacefulness to the area.    It appears the Canadians have some things figured out better than we do.

Tomorrow we will hit the Cavendish area which is centered in the middle of the island on the northern shore.  We understand that it is pretty commercial but that is where Anne of Green Gables was written and where the author lived and was born.

We really appreciate all of you who have been reading and responding to the blog.  It has helped us feel connected to home.  Love all


deana b said...

I think i would just enjoy sitting & staring at the water. How beautiful! Love the scenery too. If you happen to see any really cool barns, esp red ones, please take a picture. Keep enjoying your wonderful trip! Love you!

Anonymous said...

What an inspiring experience!!! Something peaceful about the water; view, sound, infinity. Don't know exactly what it is, but it's terrific. Never been to PEI; love your pics and descriptions. All well here,


Kristin said...

Okay...if I get the courage to move up "north" I now know where I want to go :) This is just beautiful! Looks like MoMo is having a blast and that you all are getting to relax, as well as, have fun. PERFECT combination. Can't wait to see more :) Love you bunches!!