Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Central and Eastern Portions of PEI

It's been a busy time here on the island. It is hard to believe that there still are places that have managed to not get overrun with commercialism.  I hope that PEI never loses its simplicity and beauty.

We traveled through the central portion and the next day through the eastern portion of the island.  Now that we have seen it all I can't tell you which section is the prettiest.  They all have their own differences. 

The central/northern portion has the prettiest beaches but it also has the most commercial lifestyle.  If you count to a 1000 while you are driving you would be through all the "beachy/touristy" stores.  The Anne of Green Gables writer was born and lived in this area so that is probably the biggest attraction, which was really neat.

The eastern portion is where you would head if you were catching the ferry to cross over into Nova Scotia.  We would loved to have done that but were ready to see the New England coastline.  We understand that Kelly Rippa just bought a house up on the tip of the eastern side and we debated about going and hunting it but it takes all day just to see the eastern side and that's without a lot of stopping.

We'll be heading out of here tomorrow morning and going to Bar Harbor for 4 nights and are getting really excited about that.  I'm also ready to be able to use my phone.  I never knew how many times I reached for that stinking little thing.  So beginning tomorrow night.....we can talk on the phone!  Yea!!

What can I say????  I'm a proud wife!



Kristin said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the pictures!! Hope that you two are having are great time! It sure seems that you are...I'm jealous!! Love you both so very much! xoxoxo

Ron said...

PEI is also a destination for us; never been there. With stays the like the one at this location, you should return well rested and ready for....???? hmm, not work. Okay, life in The Villages. You're living proof that it's not easy being retired. Miss you guys,