Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Leaving PEI

It's Wednesday, August 24th, and we left PEI early this morning.  We sure hated to leave the beauty of the island but it was time.  While we were there we  met the nicest couple.  They worked at the KOA and just happened to be in the office the day we checked in.  They have been coming to the campground every summer and helping out for almost 30 years (I think that was about how long).  They lived only about 5 miles from there but loved the change in routine.  They had three children and the oldest boy worked there also.  What a great time those kids must have been having all these summers!  They have a daughter named Abby and it made me miss my Abby that much more.  When we met them, it felt like we had known them for years.  I hope we can manage to see them again soon.  They are our kind of people!

Meet Donna and Kent.

We miss you guys!!!

We are in Bar Harbor now at Hadley's Point Campground.  It is a nice place and in a great location.  We will be here for three days and hopefully that'll be enough time to see Acadia National Park.

It's nice to have the phone back.  The second (and I mean the second) we hit the border, we turned our phones back on.  It was the greatest thrill!! (sad, huh?)

Will talk to everyone soon.


Ron said...

News from Mira Mesa; today they started constructing the retaining wall behind the green outside your lanai. It will look terrific. Played golf with Kenny Kussard (he filled in for our Wednesday group) and next week Alice Burnette and Kenny will both be playing with us (on Wednesday's we have 3 couples that regularly play.) Nice to have a couple of neighbors in our group. Major hurricane seems to be missing us (for the most part) but it sounds like you may get some of it in Bar Harbor. Strange. Talk to you soon, welcome back to the USA.


Joyand Van said...

Thanks for the update on the cart path. I can't wait to see it finished with all the new landscape. Send pictures if you can if we aren't back yet.

Only we could plan a vacation for 3 years and have a hurricane threaten to mess it up. We are in Bar Harbor right now and are supposed to head to Damariscotta, Maine on Sunday morning, which is about 160 miles north of Boston, and on the coast of course. We are trying to monitor the storm from the campsite but don't have tv and only sporadic wifi. Will let you know if we move inland or not. We miss you guys and glad you have neighbors in the golf group. Tell everyone hello for us.