Friday, August 26, 2011

Bar Harbor/Acadia National Park

We are staying at Hadley's Point Campground in Bar Harbor, Maine.  This is the cheapest rate per night near the park and is really a nice place.  It is about 4 miles from the park and from the waterfront at Bar Harbor.

We rode through part of the park yesterday and realized that it was so foggy that we needed to wait until today to try to sight see and get photos, so we decided to walk around the harbor.  Bar Harbor is, of course, a touristy town but still has the quaint charm you would expect.  Sitting down at the harbor was absolutely breathtaking.  The waterway was full of small private boats and fishing boats. 

Today we went back to the park and rode the 27 mile loop.  It has some gorgeous views.  Apparently when the park was created there were several private properties that surrounded the park, and still do today.  On the cliff (see picture below) is a private house that is so large that it's hard to believe it's real.  We would love to know whose house it is.  While making the loop we went through a town called Seal Harbor.  This was a little beachy town that was at the far end of the park.  What a surprise!
This loop only takes up one-half of what is considered Acadia/Mt. Desert.  Apparently, the other portion set out as Mt. Desert is more for hikers and the loop doesn't even take you that direction. 

I will tell a funny story on us.  There is a bus system that runs through the towns and the park, and it runs through our campground.  One of the stops is "Trenton Marketplace" and is listed on the map and the bus flashing board.  So yesterday we had a little time to go looking around so we thought, "let's go the the Marketplace."  We plugged Trenton Marketplace in the navigator (which is showed) and headed out to scout this place out.  We drove up and down the road and the navigator kept saying "you have arrived."  Finally on drive-by number three we saw a gas station that had a sign that said Trenton Marketplace.  We both thought that this isn't it but by this time we wanted to know where it was.  We saw a couple of the buses in the very large parking lot and went over to them and asked the bus driver where was the Trenton Marketplace was that they noted on their bus and on the map.  I'm sure by now you've guessed what they said......which was "this is it!"  We said "what is it," and they laughed and said "a gas station and a convenience store" (I will say that it was a nice convenience store).  We laughed so hard we could hardly stand it. 

Most of you know by now we have been trying to figure out what to do with this hurricane coming our way.  One of our biggest problems is we don't have television and when we pull information up on it's several hours old. We keep thinking we might get a big flash of knowledge once it gets to North Carolina, but I doubt much information will change.  We know that we have to make the decision by noon tomorrow.  Our biggest problem is there really isn't anywhere we can go, unless it's near the Great Lakes, to get away from it.

We have the motorhome and car full of gas and refrigerator is full so we'll be just fine, but will let you all know what we will do.

Love all

This house sits on cliff at the water

I was trying to add additional pictures but for some reason (after 2 hours of trying) they just wouldn't load.  Sorry guys.

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Anonymous said...

Irene missed Lady Lake, but you guys be careful. I'll be thinking of your safety until Tuesday when she passes through. As I mentioned to Van, be sure to try eating some whole belly clams while in Maine or Massachusetts; we think they are to die for. Eat them with Tartar Sauce, not cocktail sauce. Besides a "clam plate," you can also get a clam role (on a New England style hot dog role; bread on the outside of the role). We would get the clam role as a sandwhich for lunch. If you find you love them, we have a great place right here in Florida that flies them in fresh from Massachusetts, and we go there about every other month to meet our fix. Also, if you take the 95 south, you should go near Portsmouth, NH. This is a really neat small city, great walking and great restaurants, right on the coast (good place to get whole bellies) Warren's Restaurant would be great dining for clams. Also an awesome town is Kennebunkport, ME, if you are near that town. Lobsters galore in that town; George Bush Sr. lives there.

Stay safe,