Thursday, September 8, 2011

Essex and Newburyport, Massachusetts

The rain stopped enough for us to go touring around.  We started out at
our furtherest point in Newburyport and ended up in Essex and back here
at the Cape Ann Campground, which is located in Gloucester.

The picture of me holding Monet is a daily look.  She's in a dog pouch which is like an open backpack but worn in the front.  It was still chilly today so having her block the wind was nice.  My back is ready to break when we are through sightseeing in an area but she absolutely loves being carried in this thing.  

This is the Custom House Maritime Museum
built in 1835 and designed by Robert Mills, who also
designed the Washington Monument and the U.S.
Treasury Building.  Newburyport happens to be the birthplace of the U.S. Coast Guard and still has an active unit there.

This house was designed as a combination residence/ships chandlery and was built by
Lt. Aaron  Pardee of the Continental Army for his wedding in 1786.  It is a private residence today in Newburyport.

This is the Old South Church of Newburyport, which was constructed in 1756.  The neat part is that the bell for the church was cast by none other than Paul Revere.

This is the infamous Warren's Restaurant that we promised you yesterday that we were going to stop and eat at in Essex.  As you can tell by the picture of the building, it's not fancy.  There are no waitresses and you order your food at the counter, then pick it up when your number is called.  Also, you get your drinks from another counter and pay for them separately there.  No refills on soft drinks!!  As you can tell by the picture of the food, we got our money's worth.  We even ended up coming home with almost a plateful of leftovers.  (You know you are a tourist when you keep taking pictures of your food!  ha)

Ron is so in love with the clams that he travels an hour from The Villages to get them.  And guess what, they come from Essex.

We have put so many miles on our motorhome this trip that we thought we'd start shopping for a new one!! 

This goes to prove that there's no reason that if you want to motorhome, that you can't!!

Well, we head out of here in the morning down to Middleboro, Massachusetts.  This is in the middle between Boston and the Cape Cod area.  We plan to be there at least 10 nights.  The weather is supposed to start being pretty tomorrow so we are excited about seeing all that area.

Talk to you soon.


deana b said...

I am so enjoying all the pictures & history. Sounds like you are having a wonderful time! Eat some good seafood for us too. The only time we get any is when we go home. We are too far inland for seafood! Wish we were there to go antiquing with youz love & hugs to you both!

Anonymous said...

Okay, I think I see whole bellies and onion rings in the picture; that's just what we get when we go to the Essex House on Rte 40 in Florida. You didn't tell me if Van liked them, I can't wait to talk to him. Good whole bellies on Cape Cod, too. Just returned from the La Reynalda Putting Contest; I didn't fare to well. Pizza for lunch. Till next post,