Sunday, September 4, 2011

Kennebunkport, Kittery and surrounding areas

After we set up camp yesterday, we took the afternoon to go to Kennebunkport.  Van was particularly interested in finding The Bush's home, which in fact we did.  On the map they call it Walkers Point.  You are not able to enter because the secret service have a entrance booth monitoring the area.  We were quite surprised that it was right there off the road just across a little cove area.  The only way in was through the secret service and there weren't any other roads to it.  It sat right on the point.  What a view!!

All these harbor/port towns are, of course, very touristy.  Kennebunkport is apparently a hot spot for vacationers because it was jam packed with people.  You really had to park your car and walk to see   that town.  We stopped and had appetizers and a drink at Federal Jacks Restaurant and Brew Pub.  This place only serves the beers it brews which made Van very, very happy.  He ended up purchasing a  "growler" which is a large 4 pint beer bottle instead of his regular beer glass.

We also went south on U.S. 1 catching a lot of antique shops.  Now that I know what I'm looking for, it was back on the trip up the center part of New England (of course!)  But we'll see,  we still have Boston and Cape Cod area to search.

Today, we went through all the towns going to Portsmouth.  We stopped primarily in Kittery to eat at Warren's Restaurant where Ron told Van  about the whole belly clams. It was a great restaurant and Van loved his clams.

Tomorrow we are thinking about doing a day drive down to Salem, etc. area which is about 70 miles or so on the interstate.  Van hasn't been feeling very good for a few days, so we may just wait and catch it from the Boston/Middleboro stop but we'll see.

Weather is perfect here.  No rain at all!  Ending a nice day sitting by the campfire with a glass of wine.  Life is good!

Bush's place on Kennebunkport


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